The Solution to Pollution

Introducing Barrier Bottle


A New & Revolutionary Bottle

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Floats Empty or Full

    • Will not sink and pollute ocean or lake floors

  • Refillable and Reusable  

    • Commercially or individually

    • Any liquid, hot or cold

  • Thermos Characteristics

    • Cold beverages stay cold

    • Hot beverages stay hot 

  • Recyclable - PET Material


Patented in India · Patent Pending in USA


Dynamics of Barrier Bottle

 The Barrier Bottle™  is comprised of two


  • One inner compartment or bottle that contains the product

  • One larger outer bottle

  • The two bottles are separated by a volume gap (gas layer)  

*This volume gap acts as insulation from temperature change, extends shelf life of contents, and prevents bottle waste from littering ocean floors.

Insulating Performance

Improve customer experience by extending the duration your product stays at optimal temperatures. The middle gas layer acts as an insulation barrier preventing the contents from absorbing heat. 

*The barrier aids to prevent the formation of moisture on the exterior surface (condensation).

The Barrier Bottle™ has been tested and proven to show that the double-layered bottle does not allow its contents to heat up as quickly as single layer bottles.

It may take from 2 to 4 or more hours to reach the same temperature that it would take the standard plastic bottles.

Increased Shelf Life

Barrier Bottle™ PET bottles prevent the permeation of gases into your products,  such as the penetration of oxygen, or the loss of carbon dioxide in the case of carbonated products.

Sensitive products, such as fruit juice, wine, beer, soft drinks, ketchup, sauces and other liquid foods, are packaged in such a way that their quality, taste and vitamin content are protected and made to last longer.


Avoid "Single-Use" Labeling

With cities like London and San Francisco taking initiative to prevent single-use plastics, the Barrier Bottle™ offers a low cost, reusable, thermos style container that can be sold with its first time use liquid included.

No Contact with PET Coatings

There are a multitude of PET coatings available to aid in the preservation of its contents. Unfortunately, many are restricted from being in direct contact with the product or consumer.

The Barrier Bottle’s™ void space provides two no contact surfaces perfect for adding PET coatings based on the specific products needs.

Coating Surface 1:
Interior of larger bottle
Coating Surface 2:
Exterior of smaller bottle

Reduce Plastic Waste on Ocean Floors

Current estimates state that there are more than 34 times the amount of plastic on our ocean floors than we have floating on its surface. The difficulty of cleaning at these depths increases cleanup costs significantly.

The Barrier Bottle maintains its buoyancy regardless of its situation.  Now, simple skimmer style devices are able to clean the waterways and prevent the majority of waste from entering our oceans.


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